Funk Motorsport Funk Cool Silicon High Heat Sleeving provides constant protection and will self-extinguish. This sleeve has been developed to withstand direct constant heat of up to 260C, with heat flashes of up to 1200C. This product can offer resistance to oils, fuels and fluids, whilest provide short term flame protection. Made using market leading materials, this shroud is designed to easily slip over cables and lines in situe, without the need for the removal. Our Silicon Heat Sleeving is specifically designed for high temperature applications and helps to protect vital lines and signal cables whilst sustaining the presentation of the engine bay. All of our Sponsored projects use the velcro heat sleeving to ensure reliable running every time. The Black Silicon sleeve will protect in all conditions as well as ensuring a tidy finish is ensured to any engine bay or race cabin. Some even use this heat sleeving to protect and tidy their audio install wiring. Available in Black in 2 diameters 25mm and 40mm. Our protection sleeve is also suitable for AN16 hosing. Why is heat management so important? Find out here.

Silicon Velcro High Heat Sleeve

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