Used when supercharging or turbocharging the GXE10 Lexus IS200/Altezza AS200 1G-FE engine.

Prevents the OEM ECUs fuel cut fail safe mode triggered at 129 kPa of absolute manifold pressure.
Referred by some as a "black box"
Captures and limits the MAP sensor signal to 126-127 kPa
Prevents fuel cut on the 1G-FE engine
May be used on other engines by readjusting the fuel cut threshold via the potentiometer inside the unit (voids the warranty). It's pre-set for the 1G-FE engine.
While sacrificing the MAP correction at boost levels above ~0.3 bar, it's proven that this specific ECU has enough other algorithms and strategies to fuel properly on boost even with the map signal limited (closed loop fueling, closed loop timing, Alpha-N mapping).

What's included:

1x Rank One Performance Fuel Cut Defender box


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