Lexus IS200 / Altezza AS200 solid aluminium lightweight flywheel with a chromoly friction insertCNC machined out of 6061 grade aluminium these flywheels offer high strength, lifetime zero issue operation and their weight of 7 kg is about half that of the problematic OEM dual mass flywheel. They offer:Quicker engine responseFaster revvingLess parasitic losses (more power)Less clutch wear/longer clutch lifeBetter clutch feelMuch more pleasant experience when drivingUnlike the dual mass version, these will never fail and even when used for racing purposes with hard ceramic clutches, their friction surface can be serviced cheaply without scrapping the whole flywheel. So in essence it will last forever.As a bonus, with its drilled aluminium core the flywheel dissipates heat much faster than an original steel dual mass. This allows the clutch to stay cooler and prevent fade and slip under extreme use.CAD Designed and engineered in the EU, these flywheels are finished to a very high standard, dynamically balanced and ready to bring some life to the 1G-FE engine in the Lexus IS200 and Toyota Altezza AS200 (GXE10).Specs:7 kg weight (light, but not too light, unlike some other cheap options)6061 billet aluminium coreDIN 42CrMo4 / SAE 4140 (Chromoly steel) friction insertPrecision CNC machinedDynamically balanced to a fraction of a gramPrecision cut chromoly ring gear, surface hardenedHigh quality 12.9 grade mounting hardwareCompatible with manual gearboxes onlyCompatible with the Toyota 1G-FE engineCompatible with the OEM IS200 / Altezza AS200 GXE10 clutch What's included:1x Aluminium flywheel6x 12.9 grade bolts1x Steel shim (mounted between the flywheel and the bolts)


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