Now offering a selection of performance clutch upgrades for the 1GFE.

From stage 1 organic clutch right up to a dual friction option.

All clutch kits are made to order with usually a 3-5 working day turnaround.

The specs are as follows.

Stage 1 Organic: Allows for an increase in stock power up to 20%-25%

Stage 2 Kev-Tek: Allows an increase in stock torque up to 30%

Stage 3 Ceramic: Allows an increase in stock torque up to 45%-50%

Stage 4 Dual Friction: This kit allows for a 40% - 45% increase in standard power. While still giving a near standard drivability.

Please use the drop down bar to select your desired stage.

Installation is available on all clutch kits, please contact us for a qoute.

Please note these are made to order and during busy times can be up to a week in production time.


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