The Funk Motorsport Clamp on Exhaust heat shield is here and is made from the same construction as our famous Mk2 turbo blankets! Don't know how well these perform? Follow this link to see them in action in our videos! Unlike traditional Exhaust Heat Wrap, these heat shields add versatility to your engine bay to protect specific areas or components that are susceptible to excessive heat transfer. The exhaust protection could include; a brake system's master cylinder, electronic logging or sensor components, bulkhead protection, a motorcyclist's leg, etc. Clamp-on Heat Shields are perfect for a variety of applications whereby; the project is complete and exhaust removal is not an option, heat management is only vital in a specific area or a number of reasons prevent the exhaust being fully wrapped/covered. Some people use these purely from a mechanic safety point of view, and so protecting the technicians when inspecting components that are situated close to a hot exhaust system. Each exhaust shield is very easy to fit, each shield comes complete with 4x 3-inch jubilee clips, though these can easily be swapped out for an application method which you are most comfortable with or which will work best with your build. The shields measure 15cm x 30cm and are available in both Carbon Fibre and Titanium and each will have the ability to fit up to 4x jubilee clips in place. Why is heat management so important? Find out here.

Clamp on Exhaust Heat Shield (Titanium or Carbon Fibre)

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