Unique to the market, Carbon fibre and Titanium Mix exhaust wrap! This combination not only provides an amazing 3D finish but also has a functional use. Whilst fibreglass heat wrap becomes brittle over time, Titanium wrap will continue to stay strong and looking great for years to come. The Carbon Fibre element sits between the Lava Rock twill in order to provide better heat dissipation qualities to the alternating Titanium counterpart. The 3D Heat wrap Mix has everything, looks, performance and practicality. Heat Lagging your exhaust system will protect your engine bay by creating a thermal sleeve around one of the hottest components. This will retain the heat energy within the exhaust gases and actually allow them to be expelled away from the engine, faster. Besides this, heat protection on your exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe will provide improved reliability of the components within your engine bay. Each Exhaust wrap measures 50mm x 15m and includes 6 metal zip ties in order to secure your heat wrap in place. Exhaust insulation is a deep topic in automotive aftermarket tuning and reliability which we have covered in great detail in a post, which can be found here. Specifically, regarding exhaust heat wrap, we have covered all exhaust wrap myths in a separate post which can be found here. Unsure how to wrap your exhaust? Be sure to check out our video guide here.  

Carbon Titanium Mix Exhaust Wrap

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